Where is the Repect for the Rule of Law?

respect-authority-and-the-rule-of-lawRampant Violence in Milwaukee Public Schools

Lying to judges

Ignoring subpoenas

Executive orders

Violence against peaceful supporters of presidential candidate

Private email servers – Do I really need to provide a link to this one?

Does it start at the top (with our “leaders”) and work it’s way into society?¬† Or the other way around?

This is not a Republican/Democrat thing – they all do it, but these are the ones that came to mind.


This Is Why I’m Trying to Watch/Read Less “Headlines”

From Seth Godin:

There’s always front page news because there’s always a front page.

The world is safer (per capita) than ever before in recorded history. And people are more frightened. The rise of the media matches the rise of our fear.

Cable news isn’t shy about stating their goals. The real question is: what’s our goal? Every time we hook ourselves up to a device that shocks us into a fear-based posture on a regular basis, we’re making a choice about the world and how we experience it.

They want urgency more than importance. What do we want?

[I wrote this months ago, and every time I’m about to post it, I hesitate because recent events make it look like I’m writing it for that reason. Finally, I realized that it’s never a quiet moment in the media cycle any more, is it?]