School Choice: 1) Saves Money, 2) Is (Not) One-Size-Fits All, 3) Hypocrisy on Parade by the Left

Mark Perry’s blog post on school choice was a 3-pronged attack on those who are against school choice.

# 1  A study from Milwaukee that shows how school choice SAVES money (do you hear the heads exploding on the left)

#2 An article by Jeff Jacoby makes the case that public school monopolies hurt minorities.

Americans differ profoundly on countless fundamental matters — abortion and guns, gay marriage and Darwinism, immigration and policing, Islam and foreign trade. By definition, a one-size-fits-all public school model — in which school committees decide which messages schools promote, which textbooks are used, and which programs get funded — cannot reflect the views of all parents.

For those who find themselves in the minority, there is no equitable resolution.

#3 Blatant hypocrisy by Cory Booker when before he was against school choice, he was for it… and Betsy DeVos… profusely.


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