Lack of Dialogue

A caller into Rush Limbaugh’s show the other day was bouncing off a story he mentioned that said how Millennials are so stressed these days.  Rush made the obvious point that our parents’ generation had maybe a little more stress when they were called into service during WWII.

She defended the Millennials to some degree in the first part of her call, but overall she was spot-on.  But I think both she and Rush missed a key point in her comments.  Here is the first part of her call with the part I think they missed highlighted:

CALLER: And I have a son, a Millennial son in college, and I also do advising to a lot of startups. So I’m around Millennials, and I kind of see where they’re coming from and what they’re going through. And I can tell you firsthand that they are stressed out, and I think for valid reasons. You know, while we don’t have a World War II and we don’t have Khrushchev, we’ve got Kim Jong-un — you were talking about it earlier — threatening nuclear war. We’ve got Islamic terrorists bombing and mowing people down with trucks and stabbing people on a weekly basis.

So while they don’t have the perspective we do, it is scary, right? But I think what’s worse is actually our parents when they went to World War II, they were part of a proud and patriotic country. Everyone was pulling together. And our Millennials are constantly being told from the press and political leaders and professors and celebrities that we all hate each other. We’re all prejudiced, the world is a disaster, the United States is evil and oppressive, the Constitution is outdated and irrelevant, and this is all coming from people they respect.

And their parents think they’re doing a great job teaching them values and to stand up for what they believe in, when they’re really teaching ’em it’s okay to just disrespect the country and the president and that everyone you disagree with is a fascist. And so it’s okay to scream and boycott and get violent instead of being an adult and engaging in dialogue. And it just breaks my heart. We are ruining this generation.

It drives me crazy when people – whether it’s posting on social media or protesting/rioting in the streets  – will not have a dialogue about why they believe what they believe.  Which immediately makes me wonder if they know what they believe?  Are they just doing it because all the cool kids are doing it?

And yes, we are ruining this generation.


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