Change is Hard and Uncomfortable

Emphasis mine

The reason it’s difficult to learn something new is that it will change you into someone who disagrees with the person you used to be.

And we’re not organized for that.

The filter bubble and our lack of curiosity about the unknown are forms of self defense. We’re defending the self, keeping everything “ok” because that’s a safe, low maintenance place to be.

The alternative is to sign up for a lifetime of challenging what the self believes. A journey to find more effectiveness, not more stability.

Seth Godin

I saw this and it made me think about my most recent post about the caller on Rush’s show.  I didn’t want to take the time to try and mesh the two thoughts into one post, so I give them to you back-to-back.  Maybe Seth’s post above speaks to why people don’t want to have a dialogue.

  • Maybe they are afraid they may change their opinion and they may actually be that person they have despised?
  • Or maybe they just have not been challenged to think for themselves?
  • Or maybe we have protected them to much and they really do need safe spaces?

Questions are easy.  Answers?  Not so much.


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